Custom Built Designed Homes

At Genjusho we are passionate about making your dream home a reality by creating customized homes with unique designs. We pride ourselves on being a bespoke building company and creating houses that are custom-made and exclusive.

Advantages of custom designing your home is that your new house is tailored to accommodate your needs and your lifestyle wants. Custom design gives you the freedom to select specialised materials that help achieve your aesthetic goals both internally and externally. At Genjusho we tailor our designs for your budget so that you can achieve your dream home whilst still giving you financial control over how much it costs.

Our expert team at Genjusho works with you and architects to design a home that is perfect for your location and lifestyle. When working with Genjusho you will have peace of mind that your house will be built to the highest of standards and will exceed your expectations. We will also work with you from plans you provide, or your selected Architect.