Sloping Blocks

Building sloping blocks takes specialist skills and expertise. There are many features that need to be considered when building on sloping blocks such as maximising views, accessing the house and keeping it within your budget.

At Genjusho, we have years of experience building quality homes on difficult sites and are highly regarded as experts on building sloping block design homes. We understand that every block is unique and comes with its own individual challenges, that’s why we will work with you to design and build your custom home.

We believe that its always better to work with sloping blocks rather than against them because we understand the key design aspects that come with sloping blocks, such as capturing the surrounding views and unique features that can’t be found in flat developments. By working with the block and with you we aim to avoid high levels of excavation and retaining walls that are commonly used by other builders.

At Genjusho our reputation for excellence when creating custom-designed homes on sloping blocks will help you to own not only a spectacular home but a functional home.